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About NAWA App

  • National Artist Welfare Association is actively known as NAWA. It is a registered and government approved non-profit organization, which aims to work for the betterment of the artists working in the entertainment industry. Patrons from the media and entertainment industry who are associated with NAWA are Ankit Tiwari, Sapna Chaudhary, Hussain Kuwajerwala, and Nitin Arora among others. The objective of this association is to create a platform, which is both cohesive and collaborative in nature. NAWA is working in the direction to create one single platform for artists across categories in the field of entertainment to work and grow together as a single unit. The association is governed by the principle of harmony amongst the members and bring them close to each other by boosting their morale.

Chief Patrons Associated


Ankit Tiwari


Sapna Chaudhary


Hussain Kuwajerwala


Nitin Arora



Ashish Mathur

Director of Aasma Dance company

The Think Tank Behind NAWA

  • Pawan Chawla
    » Designation – Chairman, NAWA
    » Occupation – Sr. Actor Manager 
  • Ashish Mathur
    » Designation – Founder/President, NAWA
    » Occupation – Sr. Choreographer & Managing Director - Aasma Dance Company Pvt. Ltd 
  • Kaptaan Laadi
    » Designation – Sr. Vice President, NAWA
    » Occupation – Singer & Music Director 
  • G. Matharu
    » Designation – Vice President, NAWA
    » Occupation – Managing Director, Knight Kings 
  • Ishmeet Kaur
    » Designation – Vice President, NAWA
    » Occupation – Sr. Anchor 
  • Mayur Aggarwal
    » Designation – General Secretary, NAWA
    » Occupation – Managing Director, Spearmint Events 
  • Manan Thakral
    » Designation – Secretary, NAWA
    » Occupation – Sr. Anchor 
  • Sachin Rohilla
    » Designation – Secretary, NAWA
    » Occupation – Managing Director, Pro Audio Solution 
  • Sonia Verma
    » Designation – Joint Secretary, NAWA
    » Occupation – Finalist of India’s Got Talent and Sr. Choreographer 
  • Manoj Kumar
    » Designation – Treasurer, NAWA
    » Occupation – Singer & Choreographer 
  • Kashish Rawat
  • Sahil Bajaj
  • Gaurav Roda

Connecting People

The formation of this welfare association is to create a platform for artists across the categories to connect and collaborate with each other.

Grow Businesses 

The association will be working for the betterment of the artists and their overall
growth an development. 

Gloabl Presences 

National Artist Welfare Association (NAWA) Launches its Mobile Application NAWAPP to Connect Artists & Event Companies across India

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